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From: James Patterson <>
Date: Wed Sep 10 2008 - 21:32:47 EDT

This went out this AM - but apparently didn't.


One thing (of many, granted) that I do agree with Collins in his book (and
expressed elsewhere) is that one's worldview affects how you see and
interpret the information. I would have to say that is true here, and also
say that I disagree with you on this point, but leave it at that for now.
More on this later, I'm sure!


kind regards,

James Patterson

In reply to George Murphy:
The point of the "anthropic coincidences" is that physical parameters of the
universe seem to be just right for the evolution of life. To say that life
- & specifically human life - didn't evolve then then weakens the argument
greatly. I.e., the anthropic principle argument is not just about the
universe, & earth in particular, being hospitable for already existing life,
but about it having the properties that make it possible for life to
& while much of the argument applies to evolution in general, the full force
of it comes with application to intelligent, & especially human, life -
hence the term "anthropic." This is especially important for a Christian
interpretation that is going to emphasize God's creation of an intelligent
species, us, as an important feature of God's purpose.

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