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From: David Campbell <>
Date: Wed Sep 10 2008 - 17:53:16 EDT

> I hesitate to suggest that cases of true demonic possession could be cured simply by psychotherapy, but I think a useful analogy could come from considering physical diseases. In Jesus' day, medical practitioners were lacking most of the knowledge of modern medicine, and Biblical miracles are often recorded in healing diseases that are well-known today. In today's medicine, many of those diseases can be cured or greatly helped by medical practice without reference to spiritual healing.<

From the few details given, some biblical examples of demonic
possession had symptoms similar to currently recognized mental
diseases; one modern case that I heard of had symptoms similar to
schizophrenia but a bit abnormal. On the other hand, there was at
least one incident in the NT of an apparently non-disruptive
individual in a synagogue having a demon cast out. This raises the
possibility that the mental illness-like symptoms were side effects.
They could reflect a demonic inclination to be destructive to the
host, but they could also represent demonic inability to always
properly run a human-it seems as though one could do more damage with
an apparently respectable person than one who's obviously raving.

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