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I agree with you, but feel they are trying to do what is right. I think
their rejection of biology etc is determined by a concordist theology.

In a sense they are stuck in the 19th century but that is better than some

I prefer to leave it at that and use whatever useful comes out of RTB and
not make any strident criticism as even in my most bolshy moments I don't
consider that necessary or fair.

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>I also used to be an RTB apologist. The final straw for me was also after
>reading Collins' book and coming to realize that RTB hadn't been in my
>opinion totally honest about the pseudogene evidence for common descent. I
>immediately felt betrayed again like with the YECs and that RTB was
>committed to ideology instead of truth or science also just like the YECs.
> Further I have come to believe that their strict concordism and dogmatic
> stance on inerrancy is simply unworkable and not in line with what I think
> God intended for the scriptures. Lastly it doesn't help that Fuz continues
> to draw the distinction between belief in design and evolution in his
> latest book.
> This is truly a shame since I have seen God use RTB mightily in my life
> personally as well as in the lives of many in our local chapter. They
> started off using the physical sciences which is Dr. Ross's specialty to
> provide a powerful exodus from YEC for the church but then abandoned
> science when it came to biology and threatened their cherished doctrines
> of bibliolatry.
> Thanks
> John
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>> Hi George:
>> Anybody correct me if I'm wrong, but human evolution is
>> only one RTB
>> rejection. Progressive Creationists reject mutual, shared,
>> common
>> ancestry for existing species altogether. No links between
>> horses and
>> zebras for one glaring example. And the genetic distance
>> between horses
>> and zebras is greater than between humans and chimps.
>> Dick Fischer, GPA president
>> Genesis Proclaimed Association
>> "Finding Harmony in Bible, Science and History"
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>> > I have followed RTB for 25 years and though I
>> don't agree with them in
>> their rejection of evolution they have a good approach and
>> keep the
>> temperature down.
>> > As for Methobapterain that sounds like a skidalley
>> Baptist getting
>> baptised in meths! (In case their is a language problem to
>> us Brits
>> meths is methanol)
>> > Michael
>> Unfortunately rejection of human evolution removes most of
>> the force of
>> fine tuning arguments emphasized by RTB. At best they
>> become mere
>> numerology.
>> Shalom
>> George
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