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A humorous read on the LHC and the end of the world.,2933,419742,00.html


" Apparently, when you allow really smart people access to heavy machinery,
slide rules and about 14 billion dollars, they come up with an experiment
that could either explain the Big Bang theory or, possibly, create black
holes that will swallow the earth in a fiery maelstrom of universal death
and destruction. One outcome could revolutionize the way the scientific
community understands particle physics, while the other would at least
signal the end of the depressing mortgage crisis."



Jon Tandy


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CERN is going to fire-up it's atom smasher (Large Hadron Collider) this week
and maybe do a brand new test next week. It could destroy the world as we
know it. Some are afraid that it may create some micro black holes which
will destroy us. They are filing in court to stop this from happening.

Click here to read the news article:

Meanwhile, Kate McAlpine, 23, a Michigan State University graduate at CERN,
has produced the Large Hadron Rap, a video clip that has attracted more than
a million views on YouTube. It is awesome- a must see. I really enjoyed it.
Here is the URL:
 <> (complete with lyrics on



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