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I also used to be an RTB apologist. The final straw for me was also after reading Collins' book and coming to realize that RTB hadn't been in my opinion totally honest about the pseudogene evidence for common descent. I immediately felt betrayed again like with the YECs and that RTB was committed to ideology instead of truth or science also just like the YECs.

Further I have come to believe that their strict concordism and dogmatic stance on inerrancy is simply unworkable and not in line with what I think God intended for the scriptures. Lastly it doesn't help that Fuz continues to draw the distinction between belief in design and evolution in his latest book.

This is truly a shame since I have seen God use RTB mightily in my life personally as well as in the lives of many in our local chapter. They started off using the physical sciences which is Dr. Ross's specialty to provide a powerful exodus from YEC for the church but then abandoned science when it came to biology and threatened their cherished doctrines of bibliolatry.



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> Hi George:
> Anybody correct me if I'm wrong, but human evolution is
> only one RTB
> rejection. Progressive Creationists reject mutual, shared,
> common
> ancestry for existing species altogether. No links between
> horses and
> zebras for one glaring example. And the genetic distance
> between horses
> and zebras is greater than between humans and chimps.
> Dick Fischer, GPA president
> Genesis Proclaimed Association
> "Finding Harmony in Bible, Science and History"
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> > I have followed RTB for 25 years and though I
> don't agree with them in
> their rejection of evolution they have a good approach and
> keep the
> temperature down.
> > As for Methobapterain that sounds like a skidalley
> Baptist getting
> baptised in meths! (In case their is a language problem to
> us Brits
> meths is methanol)
> > Michael
> Unfortunately rejection of human evolution removes most of
> the force of
> fine tuning arguments emphasized by RTB. At best they
> become mere
> numerology.
> Shalom
> George


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