RE: [asa] biological evolution and a literal Adam- logically inconsistent?

From: Dick Fischer <>
Date: Tue Sep 09 2008 - 20:06:39 EDT

Hi George:
As regards the "river" that watered the Garden, if you look at Ezek 1:1
it speaks of the "river" Chebar which was the Nar Kabari, "great canal,"
the largest of three or four navigable canals that watered the fields of
ancient Nippur. Further, Psa. 137:1 speaks of the "rivers" of Babylon
which can only be canals. This was exactly the case with Eridu. A
canal which at one time was an old river bed was used to divert water
from the Euphrates to provide water to the city. So literally a river
(canal) came out of the edin to water the garden. If you go to our web
site: <> and
click on photos you'll see a map of the location where I believe is very
close to the Garden. Eridu is the city where I believe Adam raised his
family. The exact location of the Garden can be debated, but the
archaeological site of Haji Mohammed would be a candidate located along
the banks of the Euphrates and only a few miles from Eridu and Enoch.
Pottery found at Haji Mohammed and at Eridu was identical.
Dick Fischer, GPA president
Genesis Proclaimed Association
"Finding Harmony in Bible, Science and History" <>

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