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Pentecostal and charismatic churches (as well as some pastors in evangelical and more main-line Protestant denominations) have been involved in "deliverance" ministry for decades. I agree that there are many unreliable practices and preachers, but demons are alive and well in the 21st century. Yes, discernment is needed and hype must be avoided, but we cannot dismiss the phenomenon altogether.

Don Calbreath
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> Tell you what, Vernon, rather than play the hypothetical game - why don't you
> cite a contemporary case of demon possession of the sort encountered in Mark,
> and your reasons for believing it to be just that sort of case, and then we'll
> talk some more.
This is a fascinating topic to me, and when I read this, I had to reply.
Please see my article on the TNRTB site here (yes, that's my ugly mug):
Testing Demonic Possession
As an Emergency Psychiatrist myself, the refereenced article (original here: by Gallagher who is himself an Emergency Psychiatrist is quite interesting. He is Catholic, and of course the Catholic Church is the only one (that I am aware of) still involved in exorcism. Dr. Gallagher was not invovled in the exorcism per se; just the psychiatric evaluation that came beforehand.

Now given, you won't find this kind of research in the American Journal of Psychiatry. :) But still, to the Christian, this is pretty good stuff.

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