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My name is James Patterson, and I am a new member here. I wanted to post here before I replied to a couple of the on-going threads, just to introduce myself.

I have a BS in Biology, an MD (Psychiatry) and PhD (Neuroscience). I am an Assoc. Prof of Psychiatry at LSUHSCS in Shreveport, LA. I do mostly patient care, but some research as well.

I am also a Volunteer Apologist for Reasons to Believe. I am a member of their listserve too, and it's interesting to see the ASA emails interspersed with the RTB ones.

I am a Christian, attend a Methodist church, but was raised Baptist and really like the name MethoBapterian one of my friends came up with!

I would say that I am a Progressive Creationist, but was TE for quite some time before that. More importantly, I think the difference there is mostly philosophical, but certainly there is a spectrum upon which I exist - more towards the pure PC end than the pure deistic TE end.

One of the fundamental communication concepts that RTB supports that I whole-heartedly agree with is to behave in a Christian manner in all texts: emails, listserves, forums, letters, etc. And so personal, ad hominem attacks are not what one wants to use. Answering in Christ means answering in truth, with love, even to those who don't believe (or believe differently). The goal is not to win the battle and defeat the enemy, but to win others to Christ.

With that, I am going to reply to a couple of the existing threads, and eventually begin a few of my own.

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