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> Tell you what, Vernon, rather than play the hypothetical game - why don't you
> cite a contemporary case of demon possession of the sort encountered in Mark,
> and your reasons for believing it to be just that sort of case, and then we'll
> talk some more.

When I read this, I had to reply. This is a fascinating topic, and I actually wrote an article for TNRTB (yes that's my ugly mug):
Testing Demonic Possession

The original article by Dr. Gallagher is here:

As an emergency psychiatrist myself, this was particulary interesting, as that is the flavor of psychiatry that Gallagher engages in. He of course is Catholic, and this (as far as I know) is the only major religion that still is involved with exorcism.

Of course, you won't find this kind of thing in the American Journal of Psychiatry, but for the Christian, it's pretty good stuff.

Regards, JP

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