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Date: Tue Sep 09 2008 - 12:12:33 EDT

I definitely do not have the physics to understand the experiment, but CERN would never take a risk and scientists are more cautious now than in WW11

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  I read one of the papers from one of the german physicists who are protesting the collider. His response to the cosmic ray comparison was to say that the mini-black holes, if formed, would differ from those possibly produced by cosmic ray collisions because the mini-black holes that could be formed in the LHC would have the property of symmetry.

  I dont have the background to evaluate whether or not this is true, or if it even would make a difference.
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    If the predicted black holes result simply from TeV magnitudes of energy, any "danger" from them is a non-issue. Cosmic rays with energies of at least 10^19 eV have been bombarding our upper atmosphere presumably for billions of years with no apparent adverse consequences. 10^19 eV = 10^7 TeV. My PhD research tried to find quarks in cosmic ray air showers generated by primary cosmic rays with energies larger than 10^15 eV.

    As impressive as the LHC is, its energies are still far below the maximum that nature provides.


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      CERN is going to fire-up it's atom smasher (Large Hadron Collider) this week and maybe do a brand new test next week. It could destroy the world as we know it. Some are afraid that it may create some micro black holes which will destroy us. They are filing in court to stop this from happening.

      Click here to read the news article:;_ylt=AuDwIAh4h0YuLH39IzWB6tUDW7oF

      Meanwhile, Kate McAlpine, 23, a Michigan State University graduate at CERN, has produced the Large Hadron Rap, a video clip that has attracted more than a million views on YouTube. It is awesome- a must see. I really enjoyed it. Here is the URL: (complete with lyrics on screen).



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