Re: [asa] The end is near? LHC

From: Iain Strachan <>
Date: Mon Sep 08 2008 - 17:11:53 EDT

I asked about this on the Christians in Science website, and someone posted
the following link to a very detailed paper:

Abstract as follows:

We analyze macroscopic effects of TeV-scale black holes, such as could
be produced at the LHC, in what is regarded as an extremely hypothetical
in which they are stable and, if trapped inside Earth, begin to accrete
matter. We
examine a wide variety of TeV-scale gravity scenarios, basing the resulting
models on first-principles, basic, and well-tested physical laws. These
scenarios fall
into two classes, depending on whether accretion could have any macroscopic
on the Earth at times shorter than the Sun's natural lifetime. We argue that
with such effect at shorter times than the solar lifetime are ruled out,
since in these
scenarios black holes produced by cosmic rays impinging on much denser white
and neutron stars would then catalyze their decay on timescales incompatible
their known lifetimes. We also comment on relevant lifetimes for
astronomical objects
that capture primordial black holes. In short, this study finds no basis for
concerns that
TeV-scale black holes from the LHC could pose a risk to Earth on time scales
than the Earth's natural lifetime. Indeed, conservative arguments based on
calculations and the best-available scientific knowledge, including solid
data, conclude, from multiple perspectives, that there is no risk of any
whatsoever from such black holes.


when I posted the link to the Rap video on my blogsite, within an hour, one
of the end-of-the-world prophets had posted a comment on it; and this is
nomally a blog site that no-one except people I know make comments on. It
seems to be a hot topic.


On Mon, Sep 8, 2008 at 8:56 PM, Dehler, Bernie <>wrote:

> CERN is going to fire-up it's atom smasher (Large Hadron Collider) this
> week and maybe do a brand new test next week. It could destroy the world as
> we know it. Some are afraid that it may create some micro black holes which
> will destroy us. They are filing in court to stop this from happening.
> Click here to read the news article:
> Meanwhile, Kate McAlpine, 23, a Michigan State University graduate at CERN,
> has produced the Large Hadron Rap, a video clip that has attracted more than
> a million views on YouTube. It is awesome- a must see. I really enjoyed
> it. Here is the URL:
> (complete with lyrics on
> screen).
> …Bernie

Non timeo sed caveo
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