Re: [asa] (fall) biological evolution and a literal Adam- logically inconsistent?

From: Keith Miller <>
Date: Wed Sep 03 2008 - 17:33:10 EDT

Randy posted the following quote from Bube:

> "It is precisely in Genesis 1-3 that the Christian finds the
> biblical basis for this approach to evil. One of the basic
> revelations given to us in these chapters is the emphasis upon the
> goodness of God's creation. The creation "as it comes from the hand
> of God" is good and free from evil. The evil that we see around us,
> real moral or natural evil, is due to man's sin or to natural
> causes, and is not intrinsic in the creation purpose of God. Unlike
> many other major religions, Christianity rejects the concept that
> evil finds its ultimate cause in matter, finiteness, or in
> individuality. It is not intrinsically necessary for matter,
> finiteness or individuality to result in moral and natural evil.
> The biblical record tells us that the evil around us is something
> outside of, contrary to, different from, and an aberration on that
> kind of world which would correspond to the creation purpose of God.

While I fully accept that "the creation 'as it comes from the hand of
God' is good and free from evil", I have a problem with the inclusion
of "natural evil" in the statement above. The implication is that
"natural evil" is somehow independent of God's creative activity.
Events such as hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions,
etc are part of the dynamic processes through which God is
continually active in the creation. They are part of the creative
processes that have made the life-sustaining creation that God
declared good. Similarly the cycle of life and death that is part
and parcel of the web of life on Earth is essential for the
sustaining of that life. That cycle of life and death is also
explicitly a part of God's upholding of creation (see Psalm 104).


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