Re: [asa] biological evolution and a literal Adam- logically inconsistent?

From: George Cooper <>
Date: Wed Sep 03 2008 - 00:08:11 EDT

Thanks Dick, If villages existed 20,000 years ago in the region near the four mentioned headwaters, would we likely know about it by now?  [I'm weak in archeology, too.] George "Coope" ----- Original Message ---- From: Dick Fischer <> To: ASA <> Sent: Tuesday, September 2, 2008 5:35:31 PM Subject: RE: [asa] biological evolution and a literal Adam- logically inconsistent? Hi George:   There were small settlements of Hassuna, Samarrans and Halafians in what is now Iranand Turkeyprior to that time of 4800 BC but it took the invention of irrigation to enable settlement of the lower Tigriswhich is the designated location according to Genesis.  Earlier settlements in the region of Palestinewould not be surprising as no irrigation is required there.and Euphrates   Dick Fischer, GPA president Genesis Proclaimed Association "Finding Harmony in Bible, Science and History"   -----Original Message----- From: George Cooper [] Sent: Tuesday, September 02, 2008 4:58 PM To: 'Dick Fischer' Subject: RE: [asa] biological evolution and a literal Adam- logically inconsistent?   Dick said: Again, the “problem” stems from trying to line up Adam in Genesis 2 as an individual who could be ancestral to the entire human race.  The biblical setting is southern Mesopotamia, is it not?  There is no trace of human occupation in that region prior to the settling of Eridu, which according to Babylonian tradition is near to the original Garden of Eden.  Eridu was dated by archaeologists to about 4800 BC which squares fairly well with the genealogies from Abraham back to Adam.   Oddly enough, here is a northern Israel find dating to 8500BC.  Ritual practices are evident in this funerary.   Is this unusual?   George “Coope”

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