Re: [asa] Rebuttals?

From: David Campbell <>
Date: Tue Sep 02 2008 - 18:48:19 EDT

> Creationists have for decades pointed to the millions of square miles of
> thick layers of sedimentary rock as evidence of a global catastrophe.

They haven't been able to decide which layers supposedly formed during
the Flood and which formed before or after. This raises numerous

>> All oil fields leak over time.
> True.
>> This too is proof of young earth because if the oil fields were millions of
> years old as secular geologists claim, the oil would have leaked out ages
> ago.
> Non sequitur. Permeability can be extremely low with correspondingly low
> leakage rates.

Also, the continual development of petroleum over time slowly charges
the oil fields. Just because the formation was deposited millions of
years ago doesn't mean that the oil that we now find there was in it
at the time.

>>> Evolutionary geologists have also not adequately explained how fragile
> organic chemicals, such as porphyrins, could form in oil under the gradual,
> oxygen rich conditions they claim.
> Who are "they" who claim the conditions were oxygen-rich?

And who are the petroleum geologists who care about evolution, except
as a generator of sequences of microfossils?

If the porphryins form in the oil, then they could form at any time.
Oil forms under low oxygen conditions.

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