Re: [asa] biological evolution and a literal Adam- logically inconsistent?

From: Bethany Sollereder <>
Date: Tue Sep 02 2008 - 10:51:10 EDT

Certainly it seems like a lot of people are accepting the federal headship
model, which is a step forward from YEC, but still I think a misstep. Too
much concordism, not enough science. And as George said above, there are
good reasons to at least question the purpose and 'accuracy' of the
Another way around it is to find a mitochondrial Eve or a Y chromosome
Adam. I guess you can trace back mitochondrial DNA through women, back to
"one" about 150,000 years ago. The issue is that a similar process with men
and the Y chromosome only goes back about 50,000 years. So unless your
biological Adam and Eve lived 100,000 years apart, you end up with a bit of
a problem.


On Tue, Sep 2, 2008 at 7:19 AM, David Opderbeck <>wrote:

> So in your educational / seminary travels, are evangelical / orthodox
> protestant scholars starting to accept these various models as alternatives
> that preserve essential orthodoxy?

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