[asa] Discussion on Christology and Science

From: Steve Martin <steven.dale.martin@gmail.com>
Date: Tue Sep 02 2008 - 06:27:59 EDT

David O. has on several occasions pointed to posts on Scot McKnight's Jesus
Creed blog, in particular posts by a regular guest RJS. Most of RJS's posts
are on science / faith issues; personally, I have found almost all of them
to be very helpful. Today, she started a series on Christology and
Science, reviewing themes raised in LeRon Shults' new book. The first post
- Christology and Science 1 <http://www.jesuscreed.org/?p=4246> definitely
resonates with me; I'd be very interested in others' response to the post.

RJS states that:

> Here is the big question for the church today Consider it as you read on
> Should we let our culture and our science reform our understanding of the
> nature of the incarnation and the nature of sin? If so how?

Bingo. The big one in my opinion. (notice the verb is reform, not
reject). I'm not going to repeat everything here I think the whole
article is worthwhile. But here is the ending of her first post:

> Shults says "The incarnation is not an emergency response to the sin of a
> primeval privileged pair, but a display of the eternal creative
> intentionality of God, in whose presence our responsibility emerges. The
> relational union of Christ with the divine Logos disclosed an eternal
> (perichoretic) interdependence in the life of God that the biblical
> tradition refers to as the relation of the Son to the Father in the Spirit"
> (p. 60). As such we do justice to the creator God by expressing our
> understandings of his act and his faithful tending of his creatures in light
> of the best "science" of our day as the early church fathers did in theirs.


Steve Martin (CSCA)
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