Re: [asa] biological evolution and a literal Adam- logically inconsistent?

From: Don Nield <>
Date: Mon Sep 01 2008 - 17:13:22 EDT

David Opderbeck wrote:
> Merv said: What's wrong with taking the fall as a figurative story
> illustrating a real state of mankind?
> I respond: Hmmm.. Here's a place where I honestly get hung up. I have
> heard it argued that a literal Fall of some sort is essential to orthdoxy,
> in which case the consequence of denying a literal Fall are significant.
> But then I've heard it argued that a literal Fall is not essential to
> orthodoxy. I'm personally still working on how to suss this out. Any
> theologians here have a thought on that?
Don N comments: What is wrong with the position of Robin Collins (I
understand that strictly speaking he is a philosopher of religion rather
than a theologian) expressed in his chapter "Evolution and Original Sin"
in Perspectives on an Evolving Creation (Keith B. Miller, ed.)Eerdmans,
2003 ?

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