Re: [asa] How theistic evolution was explained to kids in 1964

From: Iain Strachan <>
Date: Wed Jul 30 2008 - 04:58:09 EDT

> Alexanian, Moorad wrote:
>> My post was in reference to what Iain Strachan wrote, "If God made the
>> world and runs the world, then evolution _is_ God's plan." Supposedly,
>> evolution is a scientific theory that explains the world and how it runs;
>> therefore why drag God into it. Unbelievers would indicate that that is
>> unnecessary and indeed contrived.
I think this whole line of argument from Moorad is a complete red-herring,
and a mis-representation of the text. People should read carefully what it

The author of the quote I gave isn't "dragging God into it" and I am baffled
as to why Moorad should think so, and my only explanation is that he hasn't
read the text properly and thought about what it means.

The author neither confirms nor denies the existence of God. It's a
hypothetical statement.

IF God made the world and runs the world
THEN evolution is God's plan.

In response to Moorad's question:

"evolution is a scientific theory that explains the world and *how *it runs;
therefore why drag God into it", (emphasis mine) I would suggest he reads
the previous two sentences in the quote:

"The theory of evolution says certain things happened. It does not say, and
it could not say, *why *those things happened."

The author is saying God is concerned with the "why" question, and the
science is concerned with the "how" question.

I must admit I really didn't think I'd have to be explaining the meaning of
a passage that was so clear, and intended for children to understand, in a
forum of intelligent adults. It is quite vexing that so often in this forum
people don't read the whole passage and reflect on its line of argument, but
instead cherry-pick phrases and use them out of context to pursue their own

It is by sheer coincidence that during the turn-out of the loft and garage
yesterday, I also ran across some of my old exam papers. One was the
"General Paper" for the Cambridge entrance examination. One of the
questions was:

"Why" is not a scientific question. The scientific question is "how".


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