[asa] Curricula of the Gaps

From: Jon Tandy <tandyland@earthlink.net>
Date: Tue Jul 29 2008 - 15:49:35 EDT

We talk about "God of the gaps" and gaps in the fossil record, but what
about the gaps in creation science curricula? I am thinking of a recent
example I posted of our children's middle school astronomy text. In
reviewing that recently in comparison with a secular textbook on earth
science, I noticed something interesting. They talked about the nature and
types of stars, and of "star death" - but with no mention of star "birth"
and formation! It was easy to talk about star death in a YEC context, with
a generic reference to the Bible teaching that the universe is temporary.
But it would have been difficult to talk about the physics of star formation
without admitting that science had something to say about the length of time
necessary for stars to form. So they left it out.


This would probably be a useful study to make, comparing several sample
Christian science textbooks with their secular counterparts, to identify not
only the parts that are left completely out, but those in which the only
useful assertions are to nitpick against the standard science paradigm
without proposing any tangible evidence for a Christian/creationist paradigm
in its place.


The gaps include the growing evidence on many fronts of common ancestry,
such as DNA evidence. The scientific theories continue to fill in the gaps
in their knowledge with ongoing discovery, causing more and more gaps for
traditional religious theories. Standard creation science has no
explanation for how to fill those gaps with any coherent theory.


If the fossil record is suspect because it contains many gaps, what about
the record of creation science?



Jon Tandy

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