Re: [asa] How theistic evolution was explained to kids in 1964

From: Terry M. Gray <>
Date: Tue Jul 29 2008 - 15:44:56 EDT

I used to read How and Why books at the kid's book display at the
grocery store while my parents shopped. I too still have a few of them
(we didn't actually buy very many). I guess this was a preview to my
Barnes and Noble habits today.


On Jul 29, 2008, at 1:25 PM, Iain Strachan wrote:

> I wonder how many people on the list were first inspired to take an
> interest in science with the "How and Why Wonder Books" series? The
> first of these books that I got as a kid was the How and Why Wonder
> Book of Dinosaurs & the amazing facts presented in it were a true
> marvel to an 8 year-old and sparked my lifelong interest in
> science. All my schoolfriends and I were entranced by the
> descriptions of these enormous creatures that lived all those
> millions of years ago.
> Today, in clearing out the loft, I came across these books stacked
> away and long since forgotten. I found the following marvellous
> section in the How and Why Wonder Book of Primitive Man, written in
> 1964. It struck me as a very inspiring and straightforward
> explanation of how to reconcile evolution and belief in God:
> ---
> When Darwin's books on evolution were printed a hundred years ago,
> many people said Darwin did not believe in God's plan, but in a
> horrible universe run by lucky accidents and greedy fighting. They
> said he was making man out to be nothing more than a brainy ape.
> But these people need not have worried. The theory of evolution
> says certain things happened. It does not say, and it could not
> say, why those things happened. If God made the world and runs the
> world, then evolution is God's plan. And it is a majestic and
> beautiful plan. With evolution, even accidents are part of the plan
> of life, and even the lowest creature is part of the family life.
> The theory of evolution does not say man is only a brainier kind of
> ape. It says that for two thousand million years living forms were
> tried and improved and tried and improved in preparation for the
> arrival of man as we know him upon the scene of life upon the earth.
> Donald Barr - 1964
> ---
> Just thought I'd like to share it with the list.
> Iain
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