Re: [asa] On American Catholics and science

From: Ted Davis <>
Date: Tue Jul 29 2008 - 13:46:31 EDT

My fourth and final post today.

As for Puritan influences, again (to nuance David's comment) we agree. It
was typical for elite American scientists of the early 20th century to see
themselves as having descended from "Puritan stock," although many of those
who claimed this were really Unitarians in their thinking--just like the
folks at Harvard, of course.

No Jews or Catholics allowed, but plenty of Unitarians.

All of that hocus-pocus going on up on the altar was so obviously
unscientific--how could any thinking man (and scientists were nearly all
men, so much so that "man of science" was much more widely used than
"scientist") actually believe that stuff? Of course, the Catholic
modernists--and the word "modernist" was probably first used to refer to
Catholics, not Protestants--pretty much abandoned the literal body and blood
of Christ, at least when they weren't being questioned by the bishops.


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