Re: [asa] Enns is officially leaving WTS: joint statement released

From: George Murphy <>
Date: Thu Jul 24 2008 - 14:50:25 EDT

Not just within evangelicalism (in the American sense). The same fault line - though not terribly sharp - could be perceived in the Missouri Synod split in the 70s.

& though Enns is (from my standpoint at least) the "good guy" in this case, my sympathies tend to lie with systematics folks in many debates. Biblical studies people are in danger of missing the forest for the trees - i.e., failing to have an overall theological interpretive principle.

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  Anyone know where he is landing? I'm glad at least that the WTS administration acknowledged that Enns' "teaching and writing fall within the purview of Evangelical thought." For those truly interested in the debate provoked by I&I, the WTS official documents discuss the theological fault lines between the Systematic (opposing Enns) and Biblical Studies (supporting Enns) faculty in detail: IMHO, the differing perspectives in these documents reflect a fault line within evangelicalism as a whole, one that is not easily closed.

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