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From: David Campbell <>
Date: Tue Jul 22 2008 - 16:25:48 EDT

> Adding lime to the oceans may address both the CO2 and pH, perhaps.
> Besides, a little lime to any drink is nice….

The problem is finding a good way to turn the atmospheric and/or
dissolved CO2 into carbonate. One carbon sequestration scheme claimed
that injecting it into basalt deposits would create carbonate, but I
don't know the details-I suspect it's not overly efficient as a way to
produce carbonate. Making carbonate is one of the major long-term
geochemical processes regulating the carbon levels; in combination
with plate tectonics recycling things, it's probably a major reason
why Earth is more hospitable than Mars or Venus. Making carbonate has
the environmental advantage and economic disadvantage of a
non-burnable end product, unlike proposals to bury a bunch of biomass.
 Realistically, the biomass would go into fuel rather than storage,
thus maintaining present carbon levels rather than decreasing them
(better than increasing them with fossil fuels). Maybe there's a way
to use artifical limestone instead of cement.

It also doesn't really help things if you produce significant
quantities of CO2 in the energy burned to concentrate, cool, and
compress CO2 in order to sequester it.

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