Re: [asa] geo engineering

From: <>
Date: Mon Jul 21 2008 - 17:44:33 EDT

As always --the best "engineering" will be to push our summer thermostat
comfort levels to 80+, drive less, etc. etc. None of which purports to be a
solution but just a push in the right direction. If any political candidates
ever develop enough backbone to actually push a self-sacrifice message
seriously to our nation I will be very impressed. Carter's exhortations
actually modeled from the Whitehouse have been missing for a lot of
administrations now.


Quoting j burg <>:

> To my friend George:
> Yeah. But building 200 more coal fired electric plants has its own
> serious consequences (I know -- you were not recommending this!)
> Maybe a better geo engineering project would be to replant the Amazon
> rain forest.

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