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From: Christine Smith <>
Date: Mon Jul 21 2008 - 13:06:38 EDT

Hi Burgy,

I tend to be very cautious about potential geo
engineering "solutions"--even temporary ones--to
global climate change. It reminds me very much of the
scenario in which you have a disease, so you decide to
treat the symptoms, and then you have to take another
medication to treat the side effects of the original
medication, and then another medication to treat the
side effects of the second medication, and so on. It
would seem much more prudent, and cost-effective, to
treat the underlying problem and endure the
consequences of climate change in the interim, then to
start messing with things that may only aggravate (or
at least, complicate) the problem. For example, the
sulfur being sprayed into the upper atmosphere--that
eventually, I would think, come back down to the earth
in the form of acid rain. Or if not, how then do we
remove it when we're done fixing global climate
change? And if we were to effectively use a temporary
geo-engineering fix such as that, will the argument
then become?: "well, it worked temporarily, so let's
just keep doing it for the long-term and not worry
about reducing greenhouse gases."

No, too many potential pitfalls, not a great enough
reward I think. Better just to reduce greenhouse gas

In Christ,

--- j burg <> wrote:

> I came across an article by a Mr. Thernstrom,
> co-director of an AEI
> project to study possible solutions to the global
> warming problem
> through geo engineering projects.
> Basically, geo engineering seeks to reduce the
> amount of solar
> radiation that reaches the earth's surface.
> He cites the 1991 volcano in the Philippines that
> "cooled the planet
> by about 1/2 degree Celsius for over two years.
> He suggests the infusion of "a small amount of
> sulphur" into the upper
> atmosphere which would deflect 1 or 2 percent of
> incoming sunlight. Or
> a fleet of ships spraying sea water into the air
> increasing the
> reflectivity of clouds.
> He also suggests painting the roofs of buildings
> flat white.
> He says that NAS, NASA and the US DOE have evaluated
> these approaches
> as feasible, economical and capable.
> He does not suggest geo engineering as a permanent
> fix, but it "could
> buy us time."
> Anyone here have comments on all this?
> --
> Burgy
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