[asa] geo engineering

From: j burg <hossradbourne@gmail.com>
Date: Mon Jul 21 2008 - 11:58:10 EDT

I came across an article by a Mr. Thernstrom, co-director of an AEI
project to study possible solutions to the global warming problem
through geo engineering projects.

Basically, geo engineering seeks to reduce the amount of solar
radiation that reaches the earth's surface.

He cites the 1991 volcano in the Philippines that "cooled the planet
by about 1/2 degree Celsius for over two years.

He suggests the infusion of "a small amount of sulphur" into the upper
atmosphere which would deflect 1 or 2 percent of incoming sunlight. Or
a fleet of ships spraying sea water into the air increasing the
reflectivity of clouds.

He also suggests painting the roofs of buildings flat white.

He says that NAS, NASA and the US DOE have evaluated these approaches
as feasible, economical and capable.

He does not suggest geo engineering as a permanent fix, but it "could
buy us time."

Anyone here have comments on all this?

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