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Date: Thu Jul 17 2008 - 17:22:41 EDT

Hi Chuck,

Thank you for your kind words.

However, I have to say that if something - from whatever source - is _self-evidently true_ then it surely deserves to be incorporated into the world-view of every rational being who claims to be _a seeker of truth_. For if this course is not followed, we clearly render ourselves _unteachable_ as far as the Lord and the supernatural are concerned. So, as _supernaturalists_ we should not be too surprised that a Triune God who manifestly exhibits a preference for threes and sevens in His Word should also use numerical patterns to validate key portions of that Word - including His Name and Title as Creator, and the Prologue to the Creation Narrative (and whole Bible), Genesis 1:1.

With kind regards,


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> The link above is to a popular article on numerology. I suspect that
> some individuals are "wired" to look for (and find) hidden meanings in
> numbers. Strong criticism of excessive numerological enthusiasm is
> warranted and necessary, but I would not accuse Vernon of occultism. To
> Vernon, perhaps numerical patterns are almost sacramental. In any case,
> I think he worships the same God, even though we may not think God is
> speaking through patterns in numbers the way Vernon sees it.
> I probably doubt Vernon's take on numbers as much as PZ Myers (at the
> Pharyngula blog) doubts transubstantiation. (Myers is unable to
> understand how anyone could believe that a communion wafer has more
> meaning than a Ritz cracker, so for fun he wants to needle Catholics by
> intentionally desecrating some consecrated communion hosts.) Unlike
> Myers, we can put ourselves in Vernon's shoes enough to understand his
> good intentions. Both this list and Pharyngula have some good humor
> sometimes, and humor can convey relevant points quite efficiently. But
> at least we understand the concept of something being truly sacred. We
> can continue to share that bond with Vernon, without encouraging his
> numerology in any way.
> Cheers!
> Chuck
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