Re: [asa] Predestined Fame:

From: Murray Hogg <>
Date: Mon Jul 14 2008 - 17:49:49 EDT

Hi Vernon,

But you're missing the point of David's original criticism.

Your treatment of scripture is quite inconsistent when, on the one hand,
you argue that every letter of the text is numerologically significant,
yet on the other hand you have to omit portions of the text to make your

More specifically, if one takes Psalm 46 AS WRITTEN in the AV - i.e.
WITHOUT the arbitrary omission of the word "selah" -- then "a careful
study of the matter" shows your argument to be just plain wrong. For the
46th word from the end of the Psalm is, in fact, "in".

There's neither a "mighty miracle of chance" nor "divine intent" nor
even any "coincidence" here - just a rather obvious effort to
demonstrate a theory by arbitrary selection of data.

But never mind, perhaps you can still make an argument -- even if
Shakin' Stevens IS a step down from William Shakespeare.

The writing of which, by the way, reminds me that Shakespeare is spelt
with a terminal "e" - so even omitting "selah" it seems your argument at
least entails the claim that God can't spell. In which case, I wonder
why we should place such enormous significance in his mathematics.

Murray Hogg
Pastor, East Camberwell Baptist Church, Victoria, Australia
Post-Grad Student (MTh), Australian College of Theology

Vernon Jenkins wrote:
> Well, gentlemen, I have to say that you all exhibit a remarkable degree
> of tolerance to coincidence and a distaste for being reminded that the
> supernatural is an integral part of our lives. You must realise that I
> am drawing attention to _facts_ whose presence in the Scriptures surely
> deserve to be addressed - particularly by those who lay claim to the
> title 'scientist'. A careful study of the matter appears to offer only
> two possible conclusions - the phenomena are there either by _divine
> intent_, or by a _mighty miracle of chance_. I suggest the former is the
> better option in view of the manifestly brilliant display of numerics
> inhabiting the Bible's 7 opening Hebrew words - which find echoes in the
> characteristics of several common artefacts - all features which demand
> a supernatural explanation.
> You, George, in particular, have consistently refused to look at these
> data. Yet, remarkably - presumably on the basic of mere hearsay - you
> write them off as being completely inconsequential. In my view, they
> threaten many of your cherished ideas; I therefore quite understand why
> you should choose to remain in denial.

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