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Well, gentlemen, I have to say that you all exhibit a remarkable degree of tolerance to coincidence and a distaste for being reminded that the supernatural is an integral part of our lives. You must realise that I am drawing attention to _facts_ whose presence in the Scriptures surely deserve to be addressed - particularly by those who lay claim to the title 'scientist'. A careful study of the matter appears to offer only two possible conclusions - the phenomena are there either by _divine intent_, or by a _mighty miracle of chance_. I suggest the former is the better option in view of the manifestly brilliant display of numerics inhabiting the Bible's 7 opening Hebrew words - which find echoes in the characteristics of several common artefacts - all features which demand a supernatural explanation.

You, George, in particular, have consistently refused to look at these data. Yet, remarkably - presumably on the basic of mere hearsay - you write them off as being completely inconsequential. In my view, they threaten many of your cherished ideas; I therefore quite understand why you should choose to remain in denial.


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  Thereby proving the verbal plenary inspiration of the Authorized Version - or the works of Shakespeare - or something!

  Since he was born in 1564 & "would have been" 46 in 1610, it's not awfully surprising that 1564 & 1610 are both multiples of 46.

  But in fact Shakespeare didn't die until 1616 so the 1610 date, pulled in with the lamest of excuses, has no significance here. If the date of the release of the AV, 1611, or any other date had made the numerology work, it would have been chosen. For that matter if "selah" had had to be counted to make it work, we can be assured that it would have been counted.

  I would have thought it impossible for Vernon to reduce credibility of his numerology any further than he had done previously but he's succeeded.

  BTW, there's nothing new about the Ps.46 "mystery." I remember coming across it in Ripley's Believe it or Not many years ago. It's interesting but certainly says nothing about whether or not "the Lord remains aloof from his creation." (& who are the folks here who are supposed to think that he does anyway?)

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    For those who believe the Lord remains aloof from his creation, here is a mystery to ponder:

    William Shakespeare - universally known, and probably the most famous dramatist of all time - was born in 1564. His 46th birthday would therefore have occurred in 1610 - the year in which the final drafting and polishing of the Authorised Version took place prior to its publication in 1611. Counting 46 words from the beginning of Psalm 46, one arrives at the word "shake"; discounting the word "Selah", a reverse count of 46 reveals the word "spear"; further, both 1564 and 1610 are multiples of 46.

    Further details and discussion may be found at


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