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There is no problem with people reading the Bible and trying to understand it just as we "read" Nature and try to understand it. What is intolerable is the proliferation of churches and denominations based on magnifying the importance of some biblical verses and this takes us away from the child-like message of Who Christ is and what He did on the cross.



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When I write my book "Why I wish I wasn't a Christian" I will have a
chapter on this nonsense and how embarassing it is to be numbered with
people that take this seriously. This kind of discussion makes me
wonder if the Reformation was a bad idea. If having non-specialists
read the Bible leads to this stuff then I say give the Bible back to
the bishops and have them read it for us.

2008/7/14 David Heddle <>:
> Talk Psalm 14 and offset every character by exactly zero bytes. Then compare
> the result to Psalm 53. The similarity is eerie.
> On Mon, Jul 14, 2008 at 10:58 AM, <> wrote:
>> Really? Wow!
>> On Mon Jul 14 10:20 , "David Opderbeck" sent:
>> But the really amazing thing is, if you pick out the first letter of the
>> fifth verse of the first fifteen chapters of the book of Revelation, and
>> adjust them up or down the alphabet by an apporporiate factor, it spells
>> "Stephen Matheson." Not sure what that means, but it's eery.
>> On Mon, Jul 14, 2008 at 10:11 AM, j burg <> wrote:
>>> On 7/13/08, Stephen Matheson <> wrote:
>>> > Vernon's occult musings are wholly inappropriate for a forum such as
>>> > this one, and his mere presence here is an embarrassment. But as hard as it
>>> > is to conceive of something more unbecoming than his ravings, I would
>>> > suggest that responding to his posts is a step in that very direction.
>>> >
>>> > It's bad enough that our listserv is contaminated with pagan
>>> > machinations. Let's not add to any of his threads, unless the response is
>>> > in the form of a standard disclaimer that is pasted onto any post consisting
>>> > of nothing but occult crankery. Please?
>>> >
>>> I find that a respose such as George made is more useful. People DO
>>> believe some of this stuff!
>>> My 2c worth.
>>> Burgy
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