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The hiddenness of God must be related to the notion that one's salvation is based only on faith. Of course, in the second coming of Christ there will still be people who will not accept Him. People are truly hardened even in His presence. In fact, it says that He would rule with a rod of iron.




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I see the point of Steve's admonition but need to respond to Gregory's
comment below. Yes, someone could understand my language about the
hiddenness of God to mean an absence of God & a few in fact have done so.
But that is possible only if one has been content with a very superficial &
incomplete reading of what I've written. The hiddenness of God means just
that - that while God is present & indeed active in everything that happens
in the world, God is hidden 1st of all in the event of the cross by the fact
that that event is utterly unlike what we expect God to be, & 2d in the
ongoing divine activity in the world which is carried out in cooperation
with creatures in such a way that what happens can be accounted for in terms
of those creatures. Thus God's "instruments" serve at the same time as
"masks of God" in Luther's phrase.


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> Well, George, to be fair (features of) your 'hiddenness' theology
> sometimes might suggest an 'aloofness' (or separation) if someone wanted
> to interpret it that way (which, btw, I don't usually). Some seek
> justifications for certain (out-of-equilibrium) perspectives and some do
> for others. We are all a mixed bag of visions, sounds, emotions, reasons
> and experiences! Isn't it both wonderful and pitiful, this mortal coil?!

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