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From: Gregory Arago <>
Date: Sun Jul 13 2008 - 15:38:50 EDT

Well, George, to be fair (features of) your 'hiddenness' theology sometimes might suggest an 'aloofness' (or separation) if someone wanted to interpret it that way (which, btw, I don't usually). Some seek justifications for certain (out-of-equilibrium) perspectives and some do for others. We are all a mixed bag of visions, sounds, emotions, reasons and experiences! Isn't it both wonderful and pitiful, this mortal coil?!

This said, I find Vernon's 'predestined fame theory' ridiculous! And, of course, elitist (and/or idolising)! Why not the 'fame' of Shakespeare's cousin or childhood friend or aunt or distant relation or someone who lived in his town? There is even debate about the name 'Shakespeare' - if that was the 'actual' person who wrote such literature and poetry as the man did! Can Vernon find a correlation with the name of Darwin or one of the local clamdiggers here too?

What is the opposite of 'aloof,' Vernon? Do you believe numerical evidence, counting things in the Bible, will provide 'physical evidence,' even 'proof' of the opposite idea to the Lord remaining aloof? Or perhaps its a way of keeping connected to the ASA list? To what extent can a 'predestination' of all existence be read/interpreted from the letters and words in sacred Text? Or are there limits to such an approach? Just curious, since you're posting these messages on a public forum...

Respectfully puzzled,

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> Thereby proving the verbal plenary inspiration of the
> Authorized Version - or the works of Shakespeare - or
> something!
> Since he was born in 1564 & "would have been"
> 46 in 1610, it's not awfully surprising that 1564 &
> 1610 are both multiples of 46.
> But in fact Shakespeare didn't die until 1616 so the
> 1610 date, pulled in with the lamest of excuses, has no
> significance here. If the date of the release of the AV,
> 1611, or any other date had made the numerology work, it
> would have been chosen. For that matter if
> "selah" had had to be counted to make it work, we
> can be assured that it would have been counted.
> I would have thought it impossible for Vernon to reduce
> credibility of his numerology any further than he had done
> previously but he's succeeded.
> BTW, there's nothing new about the Ps.46
> "mystery." I remember coming across it in
> Ripley's Believe it or Not many years ago. It's
> interesting but certainly says nothing about whether or not
> "the Lord remains aloof from his creation."
> (& who are the folks here who are supposed to think
> that he does anyway?)
> Shalom
> George
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> Subject: [asa] Predestined Fame:
> Forum,
> For those who believe the Lord remains aloof from his
> creation, here is a mystery to ponder:
> William Shakespeare - universally known, and probably the
> most famous dramatist of all time - was born in 1564. His
> 46th birthday would therefore have occurred in 1610 - the
> year in which the final drafting and polishing of the
> Authorised Version took place prior to its publication in
> 1611. Counting 46 words from the beginning of Psalm 46, one
> arrives at the word "shake"; discounting the word
> "Selah", a reverse count of 46 reveals the word
> "spear"; further, both 1564 and 1610 are
> multiples of 46.
> Further details and discussion may be found at
> Vernon

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