Re: [asa] Wesley Ministry Network Sunday School materials

From: Steve Martin <>
Date: Sun Jul 13 2008 - 13:47:49 EDT

Hi Douglas,

That looks very good. Thanks for bringing it to our attention. I haven't
seen it discussed here (or anywhere else for that matter) ... but that is
probably because it is hot of the press .. you can't even order the
materials online from standard WMN online outlets yet (only by email right

As to accessibility, the promo states the audience is:

> For laypersons or clergy groups in churches of all denominations. Course
> materials will also be an invaluable addition to university classes in
> science and religion.

so I don't think it was targeted to youth groups (or high school
homeschooling). But I did watch the free online intro session and content
wise I don't think it would be a stretch for a high school
audience. (However if all the sessions are mostly guys-in-ties with a
bookshelf as a backdrop, then "attractiveness" might be a problem - and I'm
speaking as a father of two teenagers :-) ).


On 7/13/08, Douglas Hayworth <> wrote:
> Yesterday I came across this new material from the Wesley Ministry Network:
> Religion and Science: Pathways to Truth
> Hosted by Francis S. Collins
> And Featuring Contributions from Sixteen
> Additional Scientists and Theologians,
> Including Two Nobel Laureates
> (see program details below)
> 9 Lessons Plus Extensive Bonus Materials
> Has anyone reviewed or used this material yet? Was there already discussion
> about this project on this list? I don't remember seeing it. I'm not
> currently at a church where this material could be used, but I was thinking
> about buying it for myself. I'm also curious whether it would be accessible
> to high schoolers (i.e., for homeschooling my daughter).
> P.S. The WMN is also selling a DVD guide for N.T. Wright's Simply Christian
> book. I watched the first sample lesson. Wow! That looks really good, too.
> I've read the book and have thought about doing a neighborhood "book-club"
> study with it. I really like quality materials that introduce the faith as
> simply as possible. Has anyone used that material?
> Doug Hayworth
> Rockford, IL

Steve Martin (CSCA)
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