[asa] Wesley Ministry Network Sunday School materials

From: Douglas Hayworth <haythere.doug@gmail.com>
Date: Sun Jul 13 2008 - 08:44:01 EDT

Yesterday I came across this new material from the Wesley Ministry Network:


     Religion and Science: Pathways to Truth
     Hosted by Francis S. Collins
     And Featuring Contributions from Sixteen
     Additional Scientists and Theologians,
     Including Two Nobel Laureates
     (see program details below)

     9 Lessons Plus Extensive Bonus Materials

Has anyone reviewed or used this material yet? Was there already discussion
about this project on this list? I don't remember seeing it. I'm not
currently at a church where this material could be used, but I was thinking
about buying it for myself. I'm also curious whether it would be accessible
to high schoolers (i.e., for homeschooling my daughter).

P.S. The WMN is also selling a DVD guide for N.T. Wright's Simply Christian
book. I watched the first sample lesson. Wow! That looks really good, too.
I've read the book and have thought about doing a neighborhood "book-club"
study with it. I really like quality materials that introduce the faith as
simply as possible. Has anyone used that material?

Doug Hayworth
Rockford, IL

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