Re: [asa] Suffering/Predation in the natural order

From: Ted Davis <>
Date: Thu Jul 10 2008 - 08:51:47 EDT

One of the most helpful responses to this, IMO the most serious theological
problem of all (ie, the problem of suffering, or "death before the fall"),
is by theologian Robert J Russell, in his new book "Cosmology From Alpha to
Omega." It's far too detailed to put briefly here, except to say that he
believes (with Polkinghorne, his colleague Ted Peters, and others) that God
creates from the future, as it were. I've always told my students that the
theodicy problem can be put this way: Why didn't God make heaven now?", and
Russell's approach is to take that route.

Also like Polkinghorne and Peters, Russell unabashedly affirms the bodily
resurrection of Jesus--and of ourselves, in the new heaven and earth. His
is IMO a fully orthodox theology of creation. Highly recommended.


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