Re: [asa] What would evidence for design look like?

From: PvM <>
Date: Sun Jul 06 2008 - 03:01:23 EDT

As is typical for Gregory he not only ends up misrepresenting my
position but seems to find it necessary to use a thinly veiled ad

Not surprising that he care not respond to me in a manner suitable to
this group and the level of maturity of most of its participants.


On Sat, Jul 5, 2008 at 6:42 PM, Gregory Arago <> wrote:
> p.s. Pim's question is pretentious to say the least. It is based on vacuous
> reflexive thought about what it MEANS to design something. He ASS-U-MEs
> there IS no possible answer to his rhetorical question. So I care not to
> respond to him, but only to Collin, who would seemingly entertain the
> possibility of a legitimate answer.

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