Re: [asa] The Myth of the Rejected ID Paper (science stoppers and OOL)

From: Don Nield <>
Date: Fri Jul 04 2008 - 18:31:51 EDT

Murray Hogg wrote:
> Here I'd throw in the observation that even the most prominent ID
> theorists such as Behe and Dembski don't seem to have abandoned
> science in favor of golf - rather they have bent their scientific
> endeavors in a different direction. If that direction doesn't involve
> pursuit of evidence which might overturn their theory then I don't
> really think they can be criticized. One holds a theory because it
> seems to one to be the best explanation of the evidence and the job of
> disproof falls to those who feel otherwise. I don't think it quite
> fair to blame ID theorists for not doing somebody else's research.
I have just made a search of the Web of Science data base. This turned
up 5 times for DEMBSKI WA but none was a regular science paper. For
BEHE MJ I found 51 items, dating back to 1978, and most of these were
regular science papers. However, in the last decade there was only one
regular science paper -- a paper by Behe and Snoke in Protein Science
that appeared in 2004. I think that that speaks for itself.

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