Re: [asa] Four myths about I.D.; four myths about T.E.

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> I'm not suggesting that all are determinists.
> All I'm suggesting is that *some* science is heading in the wrong direction.
> It seems a strange coincidence that, for the last 200 years or so,
> much of both theology and naturalism has ended up with a form of determinism.

In the last 200 years or so mainstream science has come to be seen as non-deterministic in a fundamental sense with quantum & chaos theories. & tendencies in much of theology have been in the direction of recognizing that creation has more freedom than many traditional views allowed. This is obviously the case with process theology but even those who see themselves as more aligned with traditional theologies hold to something like Polkinghorne's "free process" argument. So your last sentence seems to have little basis in fact.


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