[asa] Science education materials for home/Christian schools

From: Randy Isaac <randyisaac@comcast.net>
Date: Wed Apr 30 2008 - 15:29:04 EDT

Several of you have recently commented or asked about better science education materials for homeschool or Christian school use. One of my dreams is to get a subset of our website to be a repository for sharing material of this type that our members have either written or discovered. (maybe one of you would consider volunteering to maintain such a site!?!?) We already have a few offerings on our Recommended Books list such as the Haarsma's book and the Fossils and Faith series. But much more is needed.

A few minutes ago I had a phone call from a recent new ASA member, Celeste Bailey, who told me about the books she and her sister had written with the goal of stimulating better science education for Christian youths. They started in 2000 and, failing to find a publisher, started their own publishing company and are selling their own books. Needless to say, marketing is a challenge. Now they would like to write and produce additional books that deal more explicitly with issues of evolution and high school level biology. She was asking for advice and encouragement. Do any of you know about the books they have written? Are they of good quality that we could recommend? See their website at http://www.science4kids.com/ Their background is biotechnology and genetics as you can tell from the book titles. If some of you would like to take a closer look, let me know. She'll be sending me some of the pdf's and I can send them out for consideration.

I would imagine that a reasonable approach would be a set of supplementary books on various disciplines that would complement standard textbooks. No need to rewrite standard science material in the usual texts. If we could help by spreading awareness of a variety of good material, that may be a good way to proceed. Thoughts?


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