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Date: Wed Apr 30 2008 - 11:09:18 EDT

My 2 cents worth. 

This is somewhat besides the point, but I would like to add to this statement that in my opinion our language abilities, which developed through natural methods, are I think the "intelligence" that has "something to do with our distinctive place," (or are at least an important part of it.)  And I say this because 1) our language function is unique in the created world (I know there is some language function among animals, but the difference between them and us is so large that I think there is a qualitative distinction more than just a quantitative one), and 2) the Word, as we all know, is emphasized throughout scripture, for important reasons I believe.  Christ is the Word, God speaks during creation etc.  I dont think it is an accident that the beginning of humanity is the beginning of history.

For the record, even though all of our abilities came about through natural means, I do think that there was some special creation event, that created us, and that there is not likely to be any possible scientific evidence for this.

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Ia)  Whatever else we may think, the development of intelligence and self-awareness seems to have something to do with our distinctive place.  Does the evidence that we have suggest that these things developed over some persiod of time or very suddenly?  & what does evidence for at least some rudiments of intelligence among other species, such as chimps, mean in this context.

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