Re: [asa] Expelled

From: j burg <>
Date: Wed Apr 30 2008 - 10:16:45 EDT

On 4/29/08, PvM <> wrote:"How does one determine
the difference between the two? We may in fact
believe that we are doing something because this is what we believe
God wants us to do, a position which is inherently subjective and yet
it is self evident that the concept of sin and punishment is a strong

I agree that it must be subjective. And I agree that for some people
the fear of punishment is a motivator.

On the first point, Paul Tillich once wrote (paraphrased):
1. There is an infinite distance between us and the divine.
2. There is, therefore, a necessity for revelation. God must, in some
sense, contact us.
3. As a result of 1 and 2, there will always be paradox in our talk about God.

To which I add: "None the less, we must try."

On the second point, the fear factor is stronger for some and weaker
for others. As I grow older, I think that for me it has diminished to
insignificance. But even in my younger years as a Christian (God found
me when I was about age 30) I don't recall it being very important.
Certainly not the primary motivator for my ethics.

All of us only really know ourselves, and that imperfectly.



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