Re: [asa] Expelled

From: j burg <>
Date: Wed Apr 30 2008 - 10:07:46 EDT

On 4/29/08, PvM <> wrote: "And your evidence for
such is based on what? At best a deity can be
said to be useful in enforcing morality as it provides us with an all
knowing all seeing entity which can and will punish us for our evil
deeds. Sort of like a community watch group but with an all present

At best? Well, we must differ here. I suspect that we have very
different theologies. In any event, the issue seems to be centered on
this view of the deity. Perhaps it has something to do with the nature
of grace.

PvM continues: "Religion may channel our innate morality as much as
other societal
constructs. In fact, calling atheism a religion, as some have
attempted, only further undermines the argument against atheism and

Yeah - we probably agree here.

PvM continues: "The argument that morality is related to our ability
to refrain from
doing something bad even though one knows that one can get away with
it, seems contradictory to Christianity which accepts that our sins
will come back to 'haunt' us."

Again, consider the concept of grace. In any case, I don't believe
your closing phrase at all. Scripture says my sins are removed from me
"as far as from the east to the west." I take that to mean they are
entirely removed.



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