Re: [asa] Humanity and the Fall: Questions and a Survey

From: Terry M. Gray <>
Date: Wed Apr 30 2008 - 01:18:27 EDT

On Apr 29, 2008, at 12:55 AM, Bethany Sollereder wrote:

> Also, concerning hell, I wonder if Jesus was perhaps accommodating
> to the "theology of the day", after all, there is no hell in the Old
> Testament. Beyond that, (and this is getting a little off topic),
> if hell is eternal, doesn't that create an eternal dualism between
> good and evil? Between heaven and hell? Does an eternal hell force
> us into dualism?

Perhaps we are getting OT, but I might suggest here that hell, as
traditionally conceived, is not some place where evil runs free and
rampant, but hell is a place where evil gets it's due justice. I don't
quite see that as creating an "eternal dualism between good and evil"
but rather a decisive judgment of a holy God against anyone who would
oppose Him. There's no dualism there, only the eternal righteousness
of God.

It's interesting to note with respect to your comment about Jesus.
Christopher Hitchens wryly notes that Jesus spoke more about hell than
anyone else in the whole Bible and that a "liberal" Christian ethic
that focuses on exclusively on the love of God is quite out of touch
with the teaching of Jesus himself. While I find Hitchens disturbing
in many ways, his forthrightness is quite refreshing at times.


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