Re: [asa] Morality

From: Merv <>
Date: Tue Apr 29 2008 - 23:09:34 EDT

PvM wrote:
> I find this somewhat tautological, in that some get to decide that
> other Christians are behaving abominably and yet we really lack an
> objective standard to make such a claim,
No, we don't lack a standard. Rather, you deny that any standard
exists. (yet you seem to have no problem enlisting some *objective*
standard here in deciding that my arguments here are false or weak.)
Relativism as an all-encompassing view is self-refuting.

>> I teach at a conservative Christian School --- definitely against abortion, no
>> ifs, ands or buts. And I've heard staff who speak out on this also express
>> resolute conviction that violence against abortion doctors is wrong. No ifs,
>> ands, or buts. And why do they feel that way? Not because of any love for the
>> practitioners -- but because Scripture commands it.
> And yet, scripture commands others to commit murder.
What does this have to do with moral imperative for us, now? I'm
suspecting your view of Scripture has been poisoned by a Dawkins
mentality that refuses to engage any sacred writings at the level they
are written and instead puts on reductionist glasses making all higher
thought or symbolism into absurd literalisms, which are finally within
his intellectual reach to knock down. Then you can dismiss yourself
from needing to take it seriously.

> And who is right
> or wrong here? From a secular perspective it seems easier than from a
> religious perspective to resolve these issues, or at least it is
> equally hard to resolve this as it is for an atheist to convince a
> fellow atheist that their behavior is somehow amoral.

Pim, I'm willing to trust you when you say you're a Christian, but how
can you have such a dismally low view of Scripture? Is there anything
-- anything at all? -- you think it is good for? If it is so woefully
undependable in all matters as you seem to imply, then on what is your
Christianity based? Where do you seek for guidance and answers? (I
know --- not in the Bible --- you've hammered that home) --so where?
(& that is not an entirely rhetorical question ---because I'm not
implying that the Bible is the only legitimate place to seek answers.)


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