Re: [asa] Humanity and the Fall: Questions and a Survey

From: David Campbell <>
Date: Tue Apr 29 2008 - 14:00:36 EDT

> The author is right, isn't he, that one must either reject human evolution
> and accept a traditional understanding of the fall, or accept human
> evolution and accept a neoorthodox understanding of the fall? Much as I've
> tried to find middle ground, I don't see it.

No. There is nothing about evolution that precludes the possibility
that God specifically selected a couple (made physically by evolution)
and told them to keep a garden and not eat from a particular tree.
Innumerable variants exist on several details, such as whether they
should be physical ancestors of all other humans or spiritual
representatives whose choice affected co-existing individuals, whether
this happens once or in each population unit, the degree to which
aspects of the scenery are considered figurative or literal, etc.

The genetic evidence regarding the size of the population bottleneck
is problematic. Error bars on the estimates are probably rather wider
than generally reported, plus the problem of not knowing at what time
the population of interest should be sought.

I'm inclined to a fairly historical take on the fall.

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