[asa] Morality

From: j burg <hossradbourne@gmail.com>
Date: Tue Apr 29 2008 - 11:57:08 EDT

On 4/28/08, PvM <pvm.pandas@gmail.com> wrote: "Your definition of

morality is quite tautological in that it only seems to allow for a
compelling enough reason for it to be moral. Not cheating on a test
because of the shame it may bring or the cost to
your career may not sound like a moral choice to you, but how
different is this from not cheating because God may punish you for it


I think I see the problem here. I do not cheat on a test because God
may punish me. Rather, I do not cheat because I see cheating as
contrary to what I know God wants me to be. And that makes a great
deal of difference in your argument.

OTOH (defending your position) an atheist can also use the same
rationale, just substituting for "God" his or her own vision of a
virtuous character. And I have known some of this type.

The only common attribute I have seen in the few atheists I have
known is a lack of humility and a tendency to toot their own horn. Of
course, not a few Christians (unfortunately) share this! <G>


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