[asa] New AAAS Statement Decries "Profound Dishonesty" of Intelligent Design Movie

From: Rich Blinne <rich.blinne@gmail.com>
Date: Mon Apr 28 2008 - 18:23:34 EDT

Go to the link to also see an embedded video with Francis Collins which as
they say in the Visa commercials, priceless. The video itself predates
Expelled but still is nevertheless on topic.


A new movie released in support of the intelligent design campaign
needlessly drives a wedge between science and religion and insults the
life-affirming work of millions of scientists worldwide, AAAS said in a
statement issued today.

The film, "Expelled," posits that science is unable to explain crucial gaps
in evolution on Earth, and that the intervention of an intelligent designer
was necessary to advance the development of life. The film claims that
scientists ruthlessly suppress such challenges.

The AAAS statement responds that evolution is supported by extensive
evidence, and rejects the movie as a divisive effort to inject controversial
religious ideas into public school science classrooms.

"We were... especially disappointed to learn that the producers of an
intelligent design propaganda movie called 'Expelled' are inappropriately
pitting science against religion," said the statement. "This production
badly misrepresents the scientific community as intolerant of dissent, when,
in fact, respectful disagreement and questioning based on physical evidence
represent the core of the scientific process.

"AAAS further decries the profound dishonesty and lack of civility
demonstrated by this effort. The movie includes interviews with scientists
who report that they were deceived into appearing as part of such a
production, and advance segments [of the film] broadly depict those who
accept evolution as racist and sympathetic to Nazis. Such generalized
insults are untrue and grossly unfair to millions of scientists in the
United States and worldwide who are working to cure disease, solve hunger,
improve national security, and otherwise advance science to improve the
quality of human life."

For more than a decade, AAAS has worked to build a constructive engagement
between science and religion, through its Dialogue on Science, Ethics, and
Religion and other programs. Further, the statement noted, more than 11,000
Christian leaders in the United States have signed a
that evolution does not conflict with religious faith. The United
Church of Christ recently sent out a pastoral letter expressing a similar

Evolution "is based on a diverse and robust body of physical evidence, from
fossilized bones to radiometric measurements of the ages of the Earth's
rocks," the statement says. But the movie, by conveying misinformation about
science and researchers, seeks to force religious viewpoints into science
class--despite court decisions that have struck down efforts to bring
creationism and intelligent design into schools.

"At a time when the United States faces serious economic challenges, we
cannot risk derailing efforts to provide the best possible science education
for the next generation of problem-solvers," the statement concludes. "Our
children deserve no less."

Read the full AAAS
the movie "Expelled."

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