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Livingstone is an historical geographer/historian -- being widely respected in both fields.? See

His work is not to be missed by anyone seriously interested in the history of Darwin's theory and its acceptance (or rejection) in various places throughout the world.? He is a prolific writer and a superb one -- both in his interpretations and in lucidly presenting his concepts.? His investigations into the geography of scientific knowledge (esp. the books "Putting Science in its Place" and "Science, Space, and Hermeneutics") are well known and starting to be incorporated in the science/faith dialogue.? He's also a frequent collaborator with Mark Noll and both of them edited a collection of B.B. Warfield's writings on faith and science a few years ago.

His new book (Adam's Ancestors) traces the history of the idea of pre-adamites from the heretic La Peyrere to the present day -- even Dick Fischer gets a brief mention.? I just got the book, and hope to start reading it this week.

If you can go to that class, I think you're in for a treat !

Karl V. Evans

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This course looks very interesting:?


Does anyone know about David Livingstone?

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