[asa] expelled- another point of dishonesty- Berlinski

From: Dehler, Bernie <bernie.dehler@intel.com>
Date: Sun Apr 27 2008 - 15:19:50 EDT

     I saw the expelled movie 3 times, and I think I found another
dishonesty not yet mentioned. In the movie, an expert by the name of
"Berlinski" is interviewed, as if he is an independent scientist who
agrees with the Intelligent Design movement. In doing some research, it
looks like this guy is in fact one of the fellows of the Discovery
Institute, and isn't involved now in teaching or any scientific work-but
I guess he is on book tour with his ID-style book he wrote recently.
But it does show how ID is not "Christian" since he is Jewish- they are
really going for the minimal point of a Designer, but could care less
who the designer is. The point is to go after evolution with another
hypothesis-a designer did it. So I guess one of the objectives of the
movie and ID movement is getting the perception of ID as being some sort
of "Christian ministry."


     I'm not really sure why the YEC's are supporting ID when ID, I
think, disagrees with YEC's are far as age of the universe and the
Earth. Maybe the YEC's are desperate to cling on to anyone who offers
some sort of friendship? From the expelled movie, you might think ID
supports evolution, but just has issues with "origin of life" and
"microbiological machine complexity." YEC's don't support any
macro-evolution. Looks to me like a short term marriage easily headed
for the rocks... with irreconcilable differences as the pending reason
for divorce. Is the YEC/ID marriage a "marriage of convenience?"


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