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FWIW Alfred Bester made interesting use of synesthesia in his 50s SF novel The Stars My Destination.

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  Not to burst a bubble, but synesthesia is also a classic symptom experienced by people on hallucinogenic drugs (eg LSD) and people in full-blown schizophrenic episodes. An interesting neuropsychological phenomenon, to be sure, but I wouldn't look (or feel or smell..) to it as a source of spiritual enlightenment.
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    Sometimes I have to agree with our friends at ICR. Here is a recent
    devotional from them.

    Can you see the notes coming from a piano? Can you feel the texture of
    a number? Does the aroma of every meal you eat have its own bouquet
    of color? Imagine how much more exciting life could be by combining
    your senses.

    Maybe tasting the rainbow isn't so far off. A recently researched
    human condition has been identified that enables some to do just that.
    It's called synesthesia, which is a cross-linking of at least two
    senses in various patterns. This rare trait gives people very unique
    talents, amazing memory, and an array of senses all at once. Instead
    of merely hearing a symphony, this person might actually taste and
    smell it as well. Watch our new episode of Creation in Common Sense in
    which the CSE Question and Research Team discuss this ability.

    Though synesthesia has sometimes been associated with defect, perhaps
    in our glorified bodies we'll all get full functionality of our
    senses, without the compromise. The Bible says, "Eye hath not seen,
    nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things
    which God hath prepared for them that love him" (1 Corinthians 2:9).
    Maybe in Heaven our five senses will be expanded; and we'll be able to
    taste the colors, smell the music, and see our praises rise up to God.
    It'll probably be even better than that. Reflect on God's promise, and
    rest in the assurance that He has amazing things in store for His


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